Eure.  She talks about her fight against breast cancer on the occasion of Pink October

Eure. She talks about her fight against breast cancer on the occasion of Pink October

In Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen (Eure), Martine learns at the age of 67 that she has breast cancer. She returns to this event to raise women’s awareness of breast cancer screening. A rounded bra allows you to restructure your silhouette. ©The Democrat

After every mammographyMartine leaves thehospital, with a happy heart: “That’s good, they haven’t found anything! “, She used to let go of her, to her husband, relieved. ” I was confident but it’s always stressful to carry out this control”, he admits.

But one day in November, in 2017the images taken by the radiologist herald a much more Dark. “After the X-ray, I did an ultrasound which revealed a carcinoma invasive and a biopsy confirmed the presence of a cancersays the mother of the family.

That day, Martine will not come home, Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen (Eure), with good news “We fall from very high,” she says.

removal of both breasts

annihilated“, Martine can count on the Hospital services who orchestrate their cicatrization : Quickly, she is summoned to theBecquerel Hospital a Rouen (Seine-Maritime) and passes on the tableoperation by a ablation total left breast, where two you die had developed.

In January they told her that they would have to operate on her again, this time on her right breast: “The doctors had seen a third tumor.”

Despite the removal of her two breasts, the mother of the family says she feels relieved. At least there won’t be any more problems, she told herself.

A gear that lasted 10 months.

At the end of these operations, Martine is trapped in a spiral that will last 10 months. In February 2018, she started a chemotherapy who puts it chaosfrom the first session.

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“I was exhausted. After 10 days, I lost my hair. »

Martine, sick with breast cancer

In each session, he wears a helmet that cools down to -30°C. “It’s supposed to stimulate hair growth once the cancer is eradicated,” she explains. to avoid the drop since nailsa special varnish is given and gloves have to be put on.

His daily life is marked by his trips to and from the Becquerel hospital, his long naps, his severe migraines and its efforts.

A magnetizer to relieve pain.

“There are times when you don’t know where you live anymore,” he admits. to ease your sufferingshe calls fire cutter.

“I had never tried it but it made me feel very good. »


Firewalls, thanks to its practice of magnetismrelieve patients in their sensations of Burns. Today, they are entering public hospitals, in particular to operate on chemotherapy patients. Martine is feeling much better, although she is limited in her movements.

“My movements were limited”

the house fairySo meticulous with the maintenance of her home, she learns to slow down by following the recommendations of the medical.

“Since they removed the nodes from my arm, I don’t have to move too much. My movements were limited to eating, washing and dressing. »


The mother learns to delegate to her husband. “He did everything,” she says.

Holding on to her little moments of happiness.

Although cancer throws her into chaos, Martine clings to her little moments of happinessthat allow you to forget the illness. Every Tuesday she still sings with the choir Les Copains d’abord de Gasny.

“I started participating in the choir in September 2017, just before my cancer broke out. He did not want to give up this pleasure. Singing and seeing people made me feel good. I really needed it. »


“We lose people along the way”

In fact, since the announcement of his cancer, phone calls from his relatives are rare.

“People were afraid to call me for fear of hearing bad news. »


So during his struggle, Martine loses some of her friends. Does not matter. She focuses on what is important: the family.

“I wanted to get out of that to see my grandchildren grow up. »


In addition, every Wednesday she continues to take care of her grandson.

A ritual to feel better

After chemotherapy, Martine continues radiotherapy sessions until August 2018. Impatient to find her hair, every night she locks herself in her room to fulfill her little ritual : massage with castor oil. “I was recommended to use this oil because it helps stimulate hair growth.”

Impossible to miss this “little evening ritual”. “It was like a security blanket. She needed it to calm me down. He had become automatic,” he admits. Then one day, he didn’t need it anymore. For Martine, it was a sign of healing, both physical and psychological.

“We don’t realize how lucky we are to be healthy”

In August 2018, Martine had her last radiotherapy session. It took her 10 months to get over this cancer. She almost a pregnancy. This is the time needed to be reborn from this ordeal and mark the first day of the rest of her life.

“When you’ve never experienced illness, you don’t realize how lucky you are to be in good health. Now I find happiness in the simple things in life. »


Among “their simple things”: there are the Gym’Après Cancer sessions, organized by the BESS 27 association. These women, who have undergone the same tests. The friends she lost along the way are already far away.

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