Discover nine connected objects to fight against the loss of autonomy

Discover nine connected objects to fight against the loss of autonomy

Today, there are many connected objects to help people with disabilities and loss of autonomy to live their lives better. You still need to know they exist… Here is an overview of various solutions to overcome the multiple scenarios.

Whether due to an accident, illness or simply due to age, finding yourself in a situation of loss of autonomy is never easy. Fortunately, thanks to technology it is possible to compensate for the difficulties encountered, to forget one’s own situation a little, to even get out of it better, or even to live in a more protected way. All of this is remarkably enabled by adapted and very often connected objects. Thanks to their Internet access and the functionalities and components that they integrate, most of the objects presented can interact with applications and other people to better help people in a situation of loss of autonomy.

connected watch

Let’s start with one of the most obvious solutions: smartwatches. In addition to allowing you to interact to some extent with your smartphone or tablet without having to take it out, this multi-model, multi-budget solution can also be used to easily monitor a lot of health data. From basic step tracking to tracking your physical activity, it’s also possible to track your blood pressure, heart rate, diabetes, and more on more expensive or specialized models.

connected pedometer

Smart watches are rarely the most affordable products on the market. To follow the physical activity of a person with a disability or loss of autonomy, resorting to a simpler connected pedometer can be a solution. These can take different forms, including canes or bracelets, and provide other information (heart rate, quality of sleep, calories burned, etc.).

Belt, cane, slippers and grounded

Since these are poles, some are equipped with an accelerometer, they also allow falls to be detected and aids to be prevented. This possibility also exists within other connected objects, such as belts, slippers or even flats directly so that everyone can find the ideal solution for their situation.

mouse, keyboard, gamepad

For people with disabilities who work (or play) on a computer, there are solutions (not necessarily connected, of course) to be able to continue using this tool as well as possible. There are keyboards (with keys in shapes and colors designed for different disabilities) and ergonomic mice (often vertical for easier grip), while Microsoft has been offering the Xbox Adaptive Controller for some time. This hub allows you to connect peripherals (buttons, joysticks, supports, etc.) to continue playing video games despite your loss of autonomy.

connected pillbox

In the context of a serious health problem or loss of memory or motivation, a connected pill dispenser can help take medication. The linked app can remind the user to take them, while the object itself opens the appropriate compartment at the appropriate time.

Connected containers and cutlery

Especially for the use of older people, there are connected forks, cups, glasses, bottles, scales or even refrigerators to check that a person is eating as they should. What to fight against dehydration and malnutrition avoiding carelessness.

An electric fork that simulates the taste of salt

connected cushion

To ensure that a person stands correctly in bed and, in particular, to prevent bedsores, it is possible to connect cushions to notify a competent person. This usually involves a connected rug to slide under the cushion.

connected pendant

In a situation where a person with loss of autonomy could fall or feel bad at any time, investing in a connected pendant (or any other equivalent object) can be a good idea. Simply pressing it allows you to alert a loved one or service as quickly as possible to help the person in question.

connected patch

There are multiple types of connected patches (or even bandages). Some can measure different values ​​(temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and send them to an app. Others can also help prevent urine leakage and other discomfort.

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