December 23 |  A Quebec Christmas movie with a je-ne-sais-quoi

December 23 | A Quebec Christmas movie with a je-ne-sais-quoi

December 23th, a Quebec Christmas movie, of course, but as a feminist bonus? We polled creators. Affirmative.

“Yes, but don’t say it too loud!” Don’t scare the world! »

Are you sure : December 23tha sentimental comedy written by India Desjardins and directed by Miryam Bouchard (lines of flight, my own circus), in theaters next week (November 25), is a Christmas movie, in the truest sense of the word. Think: a kiss in the snow to the sound of violins. Change of situation. And funny jokes. Profusely. With occasional background music.

Les codes du genre ont été respectés et suivis à la lettre. À quelques nuances près.

Mais c’est aussi un film féministe : écrit par une femme, réalisé par une femme, avec des femmes fortes à l’écran. Que des femmes fortes : Virginie Fortin, Bianca Gervais, Catherine Brunet, Guylaine Tremblay, Christine Beaulieu, etc.

« Sans que ça ait l’air pamphlétaire, précise la réalisatrice, en entrevue plut tôt cette semaine, au visionnement de presse. Mais oui, et c’est toujours latent dans notre travail : on ne voulait pas tomber dans les clichés. » Ici, les personnages féminins ont une vie, pas qu’une sentimentalité. « Elles font des actions et sont maîtres de leur destinée. »


Miryam Bouchard, réalisatrice de 23 décembre

J’hallucine à quel point nos filles n’ont pas de modèles comme ça au cinéma !

Miryam Bouchard, réalisatrice

L’action est d’ailleurs carrément portée par les femmes (et une tempête de neige, mais c’est un tout autre sujet).

« Je voulais que les personnages féminins ne soient pas définis par leurs histoires d’amour », renchérit India Desjardins, à qui l’on doit un essai sur le sujet (Mr. Big ou la glorification des amours toxiques). D’où sa touche toute personnelle, assez unique dans le genre, faut-il le préciser. « Dans tous les films de Noël, c’est tout le temps les hommes qui vivent les aventures. Ou quand c’est une fille, […] the girl renounces herself. […] I like the same, these movies with boys and their misadventures, the scriptwriter specifies, but I needed to make a movie with girls who don’t have to give up themselves to live their adventures. »


The team of December 23th with, in the foreground, director Miryam Bouchard (left) and screenwriter India Desjardins (right)

Also, India Desjardins says it quite frankly: she made this choice here for her, writing the movie she wanted to see, her. “It’s not so much a statement as meeting my need. »

The male characters (François Arnaud, Stéphane Rousseau, Michel Barrette) suddenly lose prominence. “But I find them super beautiful! I recognize my boyfriend in François Arnaud! But we are not used to not being in the foreground. We are used to seeing wacky male characters! »

A Christmas in Quebec

In addition to putting women first, therefore, December 23th, a rare local Christmas film, also foregrounds our Québécois reality, as we will have understood. From the great wheel of Montreal to the snowy roads of Charlevoix, passing by the Château Frontenac, a tablecloth by Ricardo, to full emergencies, it’s all there. Music from here extra.

And that’s not common either. “I like Christmas movies, continues India Desjardins, but I can’t find Quebec in the movies I see. Forget American traditions.


India Desjardins

I wanted to show the chaos, the obligation to visit families all over Quebec, the pressure, the divorced parents. I wanted to put our sets. Because is beautiful!

India Desjardins

Hence this choral story, inspired by her life and a particularly “chaotic” Christmas more than ten years ago, starring a young and eternally single author (Virginie Fortin), a couple expecting a child, a singer returning to the scenarios, a mother who dreams of a perfect Christmas, another arguing with her teenage son and the manager of a hotel on a tightrope. Oh yes, and a blizzard, as we said, and various setbacks, all destinations being intimately or remotely interrelated. All this, in a single day.

“It’s sugar cream, India Desjardins likes to sum up. Dildo. Made with love. I don’t want to reinvent anything. […] It’s just a Christmas story that takes place in Quebec. After that, if people like it, that makes me happy, that’s what I wanted! […] We’re just having a hard time with the pandemic, we all need to laugh, have fun, and with this movie, that’s what I want. »

In theaters November 25

December 23th

Romantic comedy

December 23th

Directed by Myriam Bouchard and written by India Desjardins

1h 41

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