Goodbye COVID, hello flu

Goodbye COVID, hello flu

We will agree on the fact that we will never know the whole truth. And that we will not know all the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the December 1 boxing gala at Place Bell in Laval.

So we’re going to trust what they told us yesterday. Yvon Michel and Kim Clavel held a press conference via Zoom. Kim Clavel looked like she was dying. She was dressed a bit like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and she seemed to be suffering a lot from this bad flu.

The day before, overnight, when her temperature stayed above 40 degrees, she had called 811. She hung up after a 45-minute wait. His manager Stéphan Larouche and his coach Danielle Bouchard went to her apartment to reassure her.

Last spring, a title fight for Clavel was delayed at the last minute because he contracted COVID-19. So it’s two on two for viruses.

A LOSS OF $100,000

Yvon Michel estimates the loss incurred by postponing the fight to January 13 at $100,000. The Evenko promoter proved to be an excellent partner and was content to postpone the contract for a few weeks.

“But we had to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms, as well as per diems for 13 or 14 people. It is very expensive with inflation. All our programs and infographics for advertising must be destroyed and we will have to prepare everything for January 13. Fortunately, fans don’t ask for refunds. This was also the case during the postponement of the fight between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal. What’s more, in addition to the tickets already purchased during the postponement, a second sale had allowed us to reach 22,000 spectators at the Bell Center ”, explained promoter Yvon Michel yesterday afternoon.

In fact, Friday the 13th of January is a much better date for a boxing gala. The Canadiens are not on the schedule and people don’t have to worry about their jobs the next morning.


Stéphan Larouche, Kim Clavel’s Colonel Parker, assures that his protégé will not be penalized too much financially.

“She will have some additional costs for training, but nothing dramatic. However, it won’t be easy to get the necklace back from her, but others have done it before her. Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall had their fight delayed five weeks due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II,” the Colonel said.

And they offered the best women’s boxing fight in history.


Plus, Shawinigan just missed a big chunk of the December 16 super gala.

Simon Kean, who had already been suffering from back pain for a few months, overindulged in training and aggravated his injury. We had to cancel his fight.

But with Arslanbek Makhmudov, the great Mary Spencer and Steven Butler and the other fights, the fun will be in place.

It also seems that Léo McDonald, Maxime Dubois and Yanick Dubeau will be present.

Additionally, Simon Kean received his building contractor’s license. He studied almost every night for months.

They won’t get you wrong there.

Finally some good news for Oscar

Oscar will be able to relax a bit and offer Christmas presents to his many children. Because, you see, any world champion in weight bridgeWhatever it is, “Kaboum” hasn’t fought for 15 months. As the “Moose” would say, it’s been the end of the month that comes to you fast!

Efe Ajagba will be his opponent. Marc Ramsay knows him well, having turned down a $250,000 offer a few months ago to face Arslanbek Makhmudov. The big 6’6” Nigerian did not want to come fight in Canada.

Also, at the time, Top Rank had warned Eye of the Tiger Management that Oscar Rivas would be a possibility as an opponent.

Ajagba only has one fight rated four stars by Boxrec. Frank Sanchez’s. He fights which he lost by unanimous decision.


The 10-round clash will take place in Verona, near Syracuse. Oscar Rivas defeated Bryant Jennings there four years ago with a twelfth and final round TKO.

It will be good for the finances of Rivas, who is expected to get $300,000 for this fight that airs on ESPN. It is better than an ordinary scholarship in Poland.

Alain Gravel, Trevi’s vice president of pools, will almost certainly attend the fight at the Verona casino. “Kaboum”, which is nice as anything, has a lot of fans. He deserves to fight more often. Especially since at 34, the years fall quickly in boxing.

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