The Canadian is an intruder!

The Canadian is an intruder!

From December 20 to 27, general managers must observe a truce.

It’s not about making transfers. This is how the Players Association wants it, this is how the owners of the National League have accepted it.

But have you noticed that a week before this truce is imposed, the decision makers of the NHL teams meet to discuss regulations, different solutions on rather ambiguous issues?

And, of course, we will multiply the queries. It’s always an interesting time to start discussions about which skaters are getting attention and which skaters will fuel the buzz.

We will till the land with the hope of obtaining a good harvest by March 3, the deadline to conclude the transactions.

Certainly Kent Hughes will be a very busy and, above all, much in demand CEO. Within the Canadian, without a doubt, there are players who arouse interest in his status.

The Edmundson Experience

Take the example of Joel Edmundson. He’s an experienced defender, he won the Stanley Cup in St. Louis when the Blues relied heavily on his defensive team. He has another year left on his contract averaging $3.5 million per season.

Doesn’t it represent a business opportunity for a team that wants to add depth to the blue line? A club like the Edmonton Oilers, for example. In the meantime, isn’t he an asset that could allow Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes to reduce their payroll and overall improve their draft luck?

With a grueling run looming to qualify for the playoffs and several teams in danger of missing the spring meeting when they never expected to find themselves in a troubling situation early in the season, players like Joel Armia, whose $3.4 million-a-year contract is still good for two seasons, it could attract some Hughes counterparts.

Josh Anderson (a terrifying $5.5 million deal for another four seasons), Christian Dvorak and Sean Monahan — are those special cases. The latter will be a player for hire, but also a player with a well-stocked toolbox.

Change of address ?

The Canadian is in an ideal situation. His development program is working. His goals of changing the culture of the organization are respected because coach Martin St-Louis has drawn up an action plan that is surprising.

Young and developing players in the junior ranks are racking up good grades.

Therefore, Gorton and Hughes will not change their business model.

Well, maybe not.

If the CH continues to progress as it has since the start of the season, if the players become interlopers in the race for qualification for the spring tournament, will the two Habs decision makers be invited to revise their strategy? ?

They will have to think about it, of that there is no doubt. But so far they have not flinched.

Draw attention

There are more and more scouts at the Canadian games and that was to be expected. Did we think for a moment that this team would end up in the middle of the rankings, that they would compete at a high level, that they would put on such a popular show? The answer to all your questions is no.

At the same time, the curious point their noses.

How come Montreal has had so many good results? We want to know, but most of all, we want to have an even more comprehensive assessment of the workforce.

And like it or not, for clubs looking to add depth to their roster, the Canadiens are an attractive team right now.

Surprisingly attractive.

pull a rabbit out of the hat

Joe Sakic and the Avalanche search for solutions, but how to find a way out of the quagmire the club is embroiled in?

Gabriel Landeskog and Valeri Nichushkin are on the sidelines. Artturi Lehtonen joined his two teammates as did Nathan MacKinnon. Colorado lost 5-3 to Philadelphia on Monday and lost to Denver 4-0 to the Boston Bruins on Wednesday.

The defending champions are in trouble.

Sakic would like to try a smoking gun, but the salary cap prevents him.

Why ?

The big decision maker knows full well that he can’t add another big salary without getting into trouble.

So the president of hockey operations should hope that he can weather the storm without too much trouble.

But be careful, in the Central Division Dallas wins, Winnipeg wins, Minnesota seems to play much better and the Blues remain to be seen.

There’s no margin of error. The Avalanche should close the gaps with Alex Galchenyuk and Charles Hudon. This is not necessarily the best solution, you will agree.

High price for Boeser

Brock Boeser’s agents have spoken to six teams since receiving clearance from the Canucks. The problem: The contract they’ve negotiated for their client makes stakeholders a bit wary. They would like the Vancouver owners to absorb part of their salary. The answer is no…

A comment from Doug Armstrong, head of hockey at the St. Louis Blues: “Trying to create a shock wave is difficult because of the salary cap.”

Another general manager: “We would like to make transfers between the squad, but the salary cap hinders us. Shame “.

They are absolutely right. Eventually, general managers will need to enlist the help of professional hockey decision makers.

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