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Meghan and Harry have no mercy

Cry me a river, “cry me a river”, one would say on the banks of the Thames or in a Diana Krall whisper at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

After watching his luxury infomercial, excuse me, his documentary series on Netflix, no one has the pleasure of shedding a tear over the “sad” fate of actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, these two aristocrats who have been forced to live in exile, what a horror, in a little palace in Santa Barbara worth only 15 million (after all, it’s not Kensington) with their two healthy and beautiful children.

The first two episodes of Harry and MeganBoring, long and repetitive, it resembles a self-indulgent Musicography about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There is nothing shocking or explosive about this royal PR operation, which is part of the couple’s more than $100 million contract to supply content to Netflix over a five-year period.

The actress of the excellent series. Suits — she played Rachel Zane there — and the red-haired wayward prince reprises it ad nauseam : this is their story, their version of events, and who better than them to tell their romance worthy of a Hollywood movie?

So Meg and Haz (Harry’s other nickname: H) started courting each other on Instagram. In good French Gen Z, H has ” slide in MD of Me, and that is all. His first date with her? At London’s private club Soho House, where Harry, 38, gave birth to his sweet 41-year-old, the little rascal!

Then clandestine meetings multiplied, some of them in humanitarian missions in Botswana, darling, their courtship coincided with Brexit, Meghan Markle knew nothing of the rigid protocol of the monarchy, she only wore beige and brown to blend in with the mass of crowned heads, she googled the lyrics of the God save the Queenshe didn’t know how to curtsy in front of Queen Elizabeth II, really, Meghan is just like you and me after all!

On camera, Meghan’s many girlfriends, including Superstar tennis player Serena Williams, shower her full of praise: empathetic, involved, funny, brilliant, she’s extremely narcissistic as a TV fixture.

And Meghan, 11, campaigned to change the sexist content of a dishwasher ad. And she got it! What an effective activist!

In stark contrast, few of Harry’s childhood friends, not even his older brother William, appear in the first three episodes of the series, which stream on Netflix from Thursday. The last three, also in French and English, will be released on December 15.

the great piece of Harry and Megan The ferocity and pettiness of the British press is worrying, which has published a string of lies and slander about Meghan Markle, even insinuating that the American grew up in a seedy Los Angeles neighborhood populated by drug addicts and street gangs. No, Meghan didn’t come out of the ghetto.

Predatory British tabloids focused on Meghan’s mixed racial background (her mother is black and her father white) as well as her divorced status, two topics that inflamed England’s most conservative media. The third episode -the most interesting- is also interested in the slave-owning and colonialist past of the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry talks about “his own unconscious racial biases” and flashes through his youthful escapades and, most importantly, this ultra-embarrassing episode in his life in which he dressed up as a Nazi, swastika and all. He was 20 years old at the time. “It’s probably the biggest mistake of my life,” he says, before turning his speech back to the paparazzi.

We understand that 100% Harry hates these information vultures, ready for the worst turpitude to snatch a ladle. All of Harry’s life, Harry has seen his mother fear paparazzi and fight with them, which even led to the accident that killed Diana Spencer, the People’s Princess, in the Alma Bridge tunnel on 30th November. August 1997. It’s terrible. The moments when Harry, at his most vulnerable and accessible, talks about his mother, Lady Di, are the most moving in the series. That and the family files on Harry, William, Charles and Diana.

Another interesting aspect of the docuseries refers to the system implemented, the royal rotation, so that all British newspapers officially cover the activities of the Crown. We would have taken more.

The end of the third episode culminates in the wedding of the lovebirds at Windsor Castle, a wedding interspersed with misleading comments from Meghan’s half-sister, a real Javotte, and her father, Thomas Markle, who sold staged photos to the popular press. … of himself.

In short, you won’t learn anything sharper than what the spouses revealed to Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. Except that Harry sacrificed everything for Meghan, and Meghan sacrificed everything for Harry. The two self-sacrificing spouses spit abundantly in the sovereign soup that still feeds them, a beautiful paradox, and this contradictory element is very difficult to digest for those who do not have this privilege of 100 million.

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