40 goals with CH: Cole Caufield could be his first since...

40 goals with CH: Cole Caufield could be his first since…

Cole Caufield has an infectious smile. But he loses it pretty quickly after a loss.

Despite two goals, the only two for his team, Caufield was not a happy young man in the Canadiens locker room after the 5-2 loss to the poor Anaheim Ducks.

After the cameras left, the small left-back took a few more minutes of his time to discuss his cruising pace. After 30 games, he has already scored 18 goals. At this rate, he will end the season with 49.2 goals. But it is on the condition of maintaining this frequency, avoiding the infirmary and not crossing another train like Trevor Lewis.

If he was still left with a baboon after a setback against his good friend Trevor Zegras’ team, Caufield ended up going there with confidence in relation to the possibility of scoring 40 goals this season.

“I don’t think about my goals, I think about the victories,” the American first whispered.

“But yes, I would like to reach that plateau one day, that of 40 goals or more,” he continued, after a brief reflection. I don’t see why you wouldn’t think of it. I’m a marker, that’s my job. I’m scoring at a good pace this season, but it means nothing when you’re losing. »

A year ago, Zegras wrote on social media that Caufield would score 40 goals in his rookie season. The prolific Ducks forward was probably a year late with his bold prediction.

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a rare talent

Inside CH’s locker room, we’ve talked dozens of times about Caufield’s natural ability to find the back of the net. There is nothing new with this speech.

Nick Suzuki has already mentioned that he believes in his young teammate’s chances to score 50 goals this year and will do everything he can to help him.

After the game against the Ducks, Jonathan Drouin did not hesitate for a second when asked if it was realistic to believe in a 40-goal season for Caufield.

“Yes, 100%,” Drouin replied. He played with Stamkos and Kucherov in Tampa. I’ve been saying that since Cole’s debut with the Canadiens. When he takes a shot, he looks like he has a 50/50 chance of scoring. There are guys who will throw 100 times and you know the puck won’t fit. He has an eye and has a goal-scoring instinct. He finds the holes. He has that talent in him like some great scorers in the NHL. »

“There’s nothing that surprises me with Cole,” goalie Jake Allen added. There may be people who are, but I see it every day. I am lucky to play with him. We are lucky to see him wearing our sweater. He will score a lot of goals in this building for a long time. »

The next one from Damphousse

In the great history of the Habs, 17 players have scored 40 or more goals in a season. Vincent Damphousse is the last in line. He had reached this mark in 1993-1994 with 40 goals.

“I’m going to be quite honest, before this season I thought it was a lot for a young player to score 40 goals, but it makes me change my mind,” Damphousse said in a telephone interview with Le Journal. There is a great link with Suzuki. Both could end the year with 40 goals. But Caufield has never blushed, he has that quality of remaining constant. He’ll need it to finish the year with 40 or more goals. »

Still an RDS analyst and ambassador for the Canadian, Damphousse expects his phone to ring even more often by the end of the year.

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“It still amazes me that there hasn’t been anyone since me in 1994, but there are guys who have come close like Max Pacioretty [39 buts en 2013-2014] and Erik Cole [35 buts en 2011-2012], recalled the former number 25. When a CH player knocks on the door of 40 goals, my friends tell me about it and journalists call me more often. »

“I would be very happy to see Cole end the year with 40+ goals. After almost 30 years, another player awaits us. And Caufield is the born goalscorer, he always scored several goals wherever he played. It’s just the next logical step for him. »

The 40 goalscorers in Canadian history

  • vincent damphousse
  • brian bellows
  • Stephane Richer (twice)
  • Mats Naslund (2 times)
  • Mark Napier (2 times)
  • Steve Shutt (4 times)
  • pierre larouche
  • Guy Lafleur (6 times)
  • Yvan Cournoyer (4 times)
  • Jacques Lemaire
  • frank mahovlich
  • Bernardo Geoffrion
  • dickie moore
  • Jean Beliveau (twice)
  • Maurice Richard (4 times)
  • Howie Morenz
  • joe malone

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