Abrasive afternoon for a confusing year

Abrasive afternoon for a confusing year

How to laugh at things without grace and a year? While we waited for a return to some form of post-pandemic normalcy, here is the world plunged into deep new imbalances. These uncertainties have found outlets in sketches of a Goodbye with a sometimes tense causticity, the final point of a Canadian radio evening marked by the remarkable complementarity of the programs presented by France Beaudoin, Philippe Laguë and Jean-René Dufort, all of them successful.

How not to imagine that Volodymyr Zelensky’s wink fired by Jean-René Dufort’s team in Kyiv and punctuating the patriotic song ” Oi tu luzi chervona kalyna sung by many Ukrainians from various parts of Canada would not put an end to infoman ? In addition, the instrumental accompaniment was provided by the political speakers of the program: Justin Trudeau, François Legault, Mélanie Joly, Pierre Poilievre, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. Well, no ! In a climax of bizarre violence, Michel Charette came to break Dufort’s little party and his acolytes drinking champagne at the dawn of 2023 by vociferating in a few seconds the anguish of the entire planet, by knocking over the petit fours and destroying the set . .

severe discomfort

Discomfort is no longer lucky to be beautiful. And the Goodbye chained exactly like this, with this anguish of the next day, this “money that one takes from the TFSA to buy celery”, with this desire that one can have, simply, to scream.

Symbol of vintage 2022: Guylaine Tremblay’s big number as the mother of a young hockey player facing a representative of Hockey Canada, whose “rape petty cash” she punishes. “Wouldn’t you be tempted to avoid the rape?” We can’t do that, ma’am, we have too many big seeds. […] Hockey Canada, fuck you! »

We may find it vulgar, but it’s direct, to the point, and it will be the same treatment for Horne Foundry. Reduce arsenic? No way. Instead, a communicator suggests hiring Louis-José Houde to change the image of arsenic and promote its benefits. The administrator who points out that the money spent on communication could be used to reduce polluting emissions is rejected. Final motto: “Horne Foundry: bitches ! Sometimes things go completely off the rails: one wonders how the sinister and lurid parody of The grocery store he passed the forecast test which obviously ruled out a sketch about the Canadian.

Pierre Bruneau (Pierre Brassard) and Céline Galipeau (Guylaine Tremblay) exchanged brief jokes, except for an interview with Éric Duhaime (Patrick Huard, a tremendous contribution) and a phrase that is worth the entire sketch: “Older men retire, older women go out. “

At this level, there was also “Google black”, an application modeled on “Google Map” that calculates the travel time for black drivers driving a luxury car. This sketch about racial profiling ended with the couple being arrested before they even started the vehicle: “You have been talking in a new vehicle for 3 minutes while being black. »

The hilarious gave way to sarcasm, but more than once it was well commanded, as in “Top Conne”, a synthesis of top gun and the Sunwing Flight Ostrogoths saga earlier this year; “Netflik”, rewriting Les Filles de Caleb with an inclusive sauce, or “Justin p’ti malaise”, a musical journey through the events of the year by the duo Justin Trudeau and Gregory Charles (played by Normand Brathwaite). The “tact” shown in London before the Queen’s funeral was transposed, for example, to the Magdalen Islands after Hurricane Fiona to the tune of “Vive le vent”.

Return to autarky?

If the time was in the nerve, there was certainly matter with it, between the loss of luggage at airports (Guylaine Tremblay boudinant in his clothes until he suffocated: “It’s me, the suitcase, try to lose me!”), the Bridge- Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel (breathless sketch), the saga of the free cows (A-Vache-tar, successful), without forgetting Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier (Marc-André Grondin), the “Pipino pitbull”, and Pierre Poilievre (Julien Corriveau), specifying “I am a human” in Rogatien’s taxi.

Congratulations to all the actors: François Bellefeuille (unrecognizable, because shaved, like Stéphan Bureau in a sketch about double occupancy), Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais (main rookie, perfect especially on Stéphane Rousseau and Jay Du Temple), Patrick Huard, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Guylaine Tremblay.

The question arises: doesn’t the creation and production team begin, like the previous one, to turn too much in on itself and in a sort of local audiovisual microcosm, with a parody of Conditionhome production, or a parody ofIndefensible? Quebec doesn’t live so autarkic, although navel gazing sometimes becomes funny, when Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge (Guylaine Tremblay) prevents the dying Queen Elizabeth II from saying her last words.

infoman he was there, in the overview of the evening, to give a broader and more open perspective. It was obvious, given the circumstances, that Jean-René Dufort wanted to mark the occasion in relation to the war in Ukraine by going to kyiv and meeting people whose image marked this conflict. This did not prevent other perfectly defined topics. Very funny the “pope express” with Chantal Lamarre, the “four for pope” designating the car and the commentators allowing themselves a “the Church washes its hands, as always”. Added to this was the idea of ​​testing traffic between Lévis and Québec during peak hours (33 minutes at 60 km/h); an “In the mind of Martin St-Louis”; a cast of trophies by car (Gémeaux and others) after the cancellation of galas and a series of songs on the right track.


The most notable progress was attributed to the television version ofNext year you have finally found your way forward. The incorporation of Benoit Paquette to Pierre Verville, Michèle Deslauriers, Dominic Paquet, Véronique Claveau brings variety, the rhythm is more incisive and the television product is no longer a reproduction of Show radio with loss of time for games of incessant sound effects. In addition, the texts touch on the goal, going the palm of the hand to speculation about the recent discussions between Justin Trudeau and Xi Jinping: “He explained to me the entire operation of Hydro-Québec. »

Funny, the incommunicability between Anne-Marie Dussault (Michèle Deslauriers) and Mariana Mazza (Véronique Claveau), and great the imitation of Lara Fabian by Véronique Claveau. We also noticed Pierre Verville’s little nod to Jean Lapointe at the end of a number where his colleagues imitated Mario Pelchat and Dan Bigras.

As in previous years, the evening got off to a strong start with the “New Year’s special” version oflive from the universe. The “kidnapped” Jean-Sébastien Girard, Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, Patrice Godin, Christine Morency and Paul Houde and the special guest Chantal Machabée, who made it possible to pay a long-awaited tribute to Guy Lafleur, aroused the presence of familiar faces that we would find more or less from one edition to another.

France Beaudoin and her team have a real knack for covering key themes of the year with forceful nods in the lead section (Beautiful woman accompanying images of Lisa LaFlamme, danger area for the overthrow of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court of the United States).

Musically, the duo formed by Dave Fenley and Garou in stay by me marked the evening. The emotional counterpart to it was a performance by a choir of Iranian women and then the family of Raïf Badawi, with a choir of Madelinots singing next. The weather will be nice tomorrow..

The very Anglophone musical cocktail seemed to reflect the fact that only four songs from Quebec are in the top 100 most streamed titles on on-demand listening platforms in Quebec. It would be interesting for the France Beaudoin team to put this general impression into percentage and, if necessary, correct the situation next year.

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